Moving On

Our friend told me you were seeing someone else I told her I hoped you were happy, and I meant it. What I felt for you is ebbing, like the tide at high water And sand worn smooth by the lapping of the sea. Advertisements

Master Neo

Master Neo was my company sergeant-major in 8 SIR. He was an easy boss to work for, for like most army regulars he had no great love for his job, and was content to simply turn up each morning and do the minimum amount of work necessary to collect his generous pay-check. His real passion … More Master Neo

Mirror, Mirror

I wanted to begin this story by telling you that Nicholas Tan and I were friends. But if I told you that I would be lying, and although my days as a journalist are long behind me, some part of me still cannot bring itself to renounce its worship of Veritas, that false goddess for … More Mirror, Mirror


My younger cousins and I used to play a game to keep ourselves occupied during long family dinners. The three of them would sneak round the table until they got behind my chair, then shout “Boo” loudly in my ear. I would act surprised, spinning about this way and that as they ducked and giggled … More Ghosts